Red Barchetta

I’m currently reading Rush drummer Neal Peart’s most recent book Far And Away: A Prize Every Time.  So far, it’s a good read – engaging travels stories and some reminiscenses and thoughts on various matters.

In the book, he talks a bit about the song “Red Barchetta”, from the 1980 album “Moving Pictures”.  If you’ve ever noticed, at the bottom of the lyrics in the cd booklet (or on the lyric insert if you had/have the vinyl version), it reads “Inspired by ‘A Nice Morning Drive’ by Richard S. Foster”.  It turns out that this was a story Peart read in a 1973 issue of Road & Track magazine that stuck with him and, well, inspired the song “Red Barchetta” 7 years later.  He attempted to contact Foster back then, but wasn’t able to track him down.  Jump forward more than 25 years later, and, through a series of circumstances, the author of the story and the author of the song connected.  The interesting details of this eventual meeting and the road trip Peart and Foster ended up doing together is related, by Foster, on this BMW motorcycle message board.

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  1. Arthur says:

    Although I’m not particularly a fan of Rush and don’t own any of their albums, I admire their virtuosity. The story by Richard Foster provided by the link is a joy to read and the photographs are good fun too. I wonder how often Neal Peart is recognized when he’s out riding his motorcycle?

  2. Rob says:

    According to him (he’s mentioned it a couple of times in his books), he’s hardly ever recognized. I bet the same would not be true for Geddy Lee!
    I still need to read the Richard Foster story – that’s my goal for tonight!

    1. Don says:

      I’ve always been an admirer-more-than-a-fan too, and for anyone else in that category I’d recommend the documentary ‘Beyond the lighted stage’. You’ll come away liking them as people at the very least. I could also mention that I have a good friend whose father apparently saved Neal Pert from drowning when they were both young boys and as a result was given a set of drums as a gift many years later. Confirm or deny?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I Love stories like this…inspiration abounds!

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