Scientists name 10 catchiest pop songs

Scientists Name 10 Catchiest Pop Songs” from Science 20.

I’ve never heard 5 of the songs on this list (guess I better get busy finding them on YouTube or something), and have to take issue with Europe’s “Final Countdown”.  Although, I can still remember the chorus, despite having not heard the song for over 20 years…so maybe they’re right.



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  1. Stuart Troutman says:

    Well, I’ve heard about half of them, and they mostly suck, so maybe there’s a point to that too.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    wow, very interesting. I agree with the formula to help define why a song is cathchy but I’m surprised at how much disagree with that song list. Hmmm, I thought maybe it’s because it is out of the UK? And since I am still hearing Africa in my head (from previous post) I think it should be on that list 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    Yeah, it seems like a lot of likely songs are left off. But then, a lot of what’s catchy is subjective and changes from person to person.

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