Two Very Different Bands…


I haven’t heard either of these bands, but these reviews of their latest albums in the new Mojo magazine (July, 2012) just goes to show how much diversity there is in the music world today.  And, while neither review really makes me want to hear either band (okay, I’m slightly intrigued by Ufomammut…), the writing is entertaining and witty.  I think Ufomammut would probably hurt Friends if they were on the same concert bill…

Ufomammut- Oro: Opus Primum
“Northern Italy’s metal alchemists destroy all-comers with LP number six.
Since forming in 1999, Ufomammut (yes, it translates as UFO-Mammoth) have been building ever-bigger beasts of otherworldly sludge metal. Following 2010’s Eve, a squalling five-part, 45-minute dirge epic “in homage to the first woman on earth”, comes Oro; one 90-minute track, spread acrosss two albums (Part Two in September) that finds our trio immersed in ideas of thaumaturgy and the dark arts. Blending gargantuan, rack-stretched riffs with corrupted kosmische synth drones, spectral vocals and unyielding, relentless drums, the alchemical result is the heaviest form of psych-doom space rock, born less of speeding silver rockets than some scorched heavy transport freighter, returning from the dark cosmic draughts of deep space, carrying some dreadful cargo.”

Friends- Manifest!
“Eclectic debut by New York’s latest hipster indie outfit.
After an infestation of bed bugs forced five Bushwick, Brooklyn residents into temporary shared living quarters, the result, just a week later, was the debut performance of the organically and speedily formed Perpetual Crush, who now go by the name Friends. Led by the casual, husky vocals of front-woman du jour Samantha Urbani, and influenced by 1980’s new wave grooves of Tom Tom Club and rattling post-punk of ESG, Friends’ tropical rhythms shake indie pop out of its shoegaze slump, with the slap-bass riff and cowbell accompaniment of I’m His Girl (great tune, oddly submissive lyric) and tongue-in-cheek, shout-along Va Fan Gor Du. While the quintet can comfortably do sincere and introverted on tracks like A Thing Like This and Proud/Ashamed, their speciality indisputably lies in lo-fi revelry, as showcased on Friend Crush.”

Okay, everybody, sing along: “Va Fan Gor Du!! Va Fan Gor Du!!!”


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