Rush…Through Time

Time warp back to 1985 while looking through a box of old things recently:

Even though my favorite band at the time was drifting into troubling skinny ties-and-synthesizers waters, I still continued to build a collection of Rush buttons. I’d pick up at least one on every trip to The Record and Tape Outlet in nearby Dunedin, FL.  The salty and jaded older couple who owned the store would invariably be playing some overpriced wretched-sounding Led Zeppelin bootleg LP on the in-store sound system.  I’d browse the racks of vinyl, usually pausing at the rare “Rush Through Time” European Rush release and never buying it due to it’s price.  Instead, I’d saunter up to the counter, buy a button or two for my “Members Only” jacket (remember how everybody use to wear those things?!) and head back out to the sun-fried parking lot. I’d probably watch Miami Vice that night (perhaps because my brain had been sun-fried as well).

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  1. I’ve still got a ton of badges that I bought in a headshop in E. Hartford in the 80s – all sorts: The Police, The Cars, Van Halen, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Fleetwood Mac – a few Rush ones as well. I sold some off at a car boot sale a few years ago, but I’ve still got loads. I should probably keep them, though I doubt they’re worth anything. Ah, nostalgia…

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