Reissues of 2012: Paul and Linda McCartney- “RAM”


There were some nice reissues of older albums in 2012.  In May, Paul McCartney’s 1971 “RAM” was re-released as part of the ongoing remastering of his solo catalog. Credited to Paul and Linda, this was his second solo album after the dissolution of that little band he was in called The Beatles.  Written on the McCartney’s farm in Scotland, it’s got a rural, home-made feel through most it.  There are folky songs like “Heart of the Country”, but also one of his best rock songs, the lyrically surreal “Monkberry Moon Delight”:

And what is Monkberry Moon Delight? This quote from McCartney clears it up:

“When my kids were young they used to call milk ‘monk’ for whatever reason that kids do – I think it’s magical the way that kids can develop better names for things than the real ones. In fact, as a joke, Linda and I still occasionally refer to an object by that child-language name. So, monk was always milk, and monkberry moon delight was a fantasy drink, rather like Love Potion No. 9, hence the line in the song, ‘sipping monkberry moon delight’. It was a fantasy milk shake.”

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s McCartney was arguably at his peak. In addition to writing what’s considered the first heavy metal song in “Helter Skelter”, he also created one of the first ambient electronica pieces in “Sunshine Sometimes”:

It wasn’t included on the original RAM release but the original track is included as a bonus track on this 2012 release. In 1978 McCartney added lyrics to the song and it was part of the unreleased soundtrack for the film “Rupert”.

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  1. Al Binder says:

    I didn’t care much for “Monkberry Moon Delight;” wasn’t awful just didn’t do it for me. As for “Sunshine Sometimes,” if you hadn’t told me it was ambient electronica, I would have thought it to be soft jazz. Incidentally, enjoyed that one very much. I can hear percussion (rattle, triangle, xylophone, cymbal, drum) and I guess an electric quitar or keyboard. Really “old school” electronica.

  2. Rob says:

    Ya know, you might be right about Sunshine Sometimes…maybe it does lean a little more to the soft jazz side. It’s that little drum machine thing that makes me think of electronica. Monkberry Moon Delight is awesome – you just have to play it loud!!

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