Sonic Sound Snack: New Wild Everywhere

A lot of words the last few posts.  How ’bout some actual music?

Listen to the Snack on Mixcloud
Track list:

1. New Wild Everywhere (Great Lake Swimmers, 2012)
2. Mind Mischief (Tame Impala, 2012)
3. Julian (Say Lou Lou, 2013)
4. Je Fume Pour Oblier Que Tu Bois (Keren Ann, 2011)
5. Hallucinogene (Francois Hardy, 1977)
6. Air (SaReGaMa, 2012?)
7. Tell Me (What You See In Me) (Sandy Denny & The Strawbs, 1967)
8. Take Five (Sachal Studios Orchestra, 2009)
9. Wise After the Event (Anthony Phillips, 1978)
10. Evening (Willow, 1973)
11. Every Night (Denny Seiwell Trio, 2012)
12. To Here Knows When (live) (Rachel Zeffira, 2013)
13. Tonight It Shows (instrumental version) (Mercury Rev, 1998)
14. Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Mercury Rev, 1998)

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