Similar Ingredients [#1] – Say Lou Lou/Kendra Smith


A new series here on Music To Eat, focusing on songs with certain similarities – either musical, lyrical, historical, cultural, and/or all of these things.

=”Fool of Me” (by Say Lou Lou) 2013=

Twin daughters of The Church‘s Steve Kilbey release their latest single while work continues on their debut album as Say Lou Lou (formerly known as Saint Lou Lou – a name I liked better).  “Fool of Me” is all languid drama, cosmopolitan night washed in brakelight streaks and slowly flashing eyes. “How funny.”  “How dare you!” (why do I picture the old 10cc album of that name?)

=”She Brings the Rain” (by Kendra Smith and the Guild of Temporal Adventurers) 1992=

Ghostly jazz guitar and Kendra Smith‘s gray-sky vocals. And magic mushrooms.  Mysterious chanteuse Smith covered this song originally by German avant group Can with her short lived band of adventurers, one going by the imaginative name of Eergott Liqueure. Smith released one more album, in 1995, called Five Ways of Disappearing…and then disappeared.

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