Similar Ingredients [#2] – Luke Brindley/Bronco


Songs with certain similarities – either musical, lyrical, historical, cultural, and/or all of these things.
=”Beside the Dying Fire” (by Brindley) 2013=

A steady beat keeps the embers burning in this mellow, wood-grained ballad.  Sparks lurk beneath the surface. In a case of branding oneself, singer/songwriter Luke Brindley became just “Brindley” last year.

=”Bumpers West” (by Bronco) 1970=

“Bumpers” most likely a slang term for shoes (see the cover of this 1970 Island Records compilation) in this case. The song also works if applied to car bumpers.  Bronco was known for lead singer/songwriter Jess Roden, who’s had a long and mostly excellent recording career, somehow managing (unintentionally, I’m sure) to avoid fame. There’s a new box set of his works out.

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