Similar Ingredients [#4] – Kings of Leon/Bruce Springsteen

Songs with certain similarities – either musical, lyrical, historical, cultural, and/or all of these things.
=”Supersoaker” (by Kings of Leon) 2013=

Take some Lynyrd Skynyrd, with a dash of Allman Brothers, a dollop of Thin Lizzy, a couple of tablespoons of Bruce Springsteen and mix ’em up with an ounce of U2-style guitar.  U2-style guitar? Yeah, it’s there – really, listen for it.  I know, the video is quite cheesy, but it’s a happenin’ song.

=”Loose Ends” (by Bruce Springsteen) 1979=

Outtake from The River, released on the Tracks box set. All the drama and daring of a classic Springsteen song, played as if lives depended on it. The songs seemed to be pouring out of Springsteen in the 70’s, and the overflow of songs which didn’t make it on to the albums were often as good or even better than the ones that did. Hear Linda Let Me Be The One also.

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