The Moon Hangs in Black: A Halloween Selection

cover-moonA new compilation/mix up at Mixcloud in honor of Halloween.
A little horror, a little humor.


1. Sanctum Sanctorum (The Damned)

2. (Ballad of) The Hip Death Goddess (Ultimate Spinach)

3. Boris the Spider (The Who)

4. Not to Touch the Earth (The Doors)

5. Brimstone in a Barren Land (Danielle Dax)

6. Outside it Blows (Pumajaw)

7. The Vampire (Buffy Sainte-Marie)

8. The Witch (Mark Fry)

9. Night at the Asylum (Bobb Trimble)

10. Get Out of My House (Kate Bush)

11. The Dead Next Door (Billy Idol)

12. Hallowe’en Night (Judson Fountain)

(Read about three “Halloweeny” album covers)

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  1. booksnob22 says:

    Awesome list 🙂

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