Sunday Brunch: Jan. 19, 2014


The Autumn Defense– “This Thing That I’ve Found” (from Fifth, 2014)
Next week Wilco’s John Stirratt and Pat Sansone release their fifth album as their side project, The Autumn Defense. It promises to be another top-notch and mellow outing. Watch the complete Noisetrade Session that the below video comes from.

Damien Jurado – “Silver Timothy” (from Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son, 2014)
I’m not too familiar with Jurado’s music, but this song has a great breezy, rolling & strolling mood with splashes of ghostliness. It just sounds like somebody walking in a dramatic landscape, even if that wasn’t the subject of the video.

Chris Schlarb– “The Seventh House” (from Psychic Temple II, 2013)
Another video that’s slightly eerie, with somebody walkin’ around. The Seventh House, in astrology, is the life phase [house] of cooperation and partnership.  Looks a bit more disturbing here, though…regardless, I love Schlarb’s music (with guest vocal by Sarah Negahdari).  It’s that spooky, liminal psych-folk I’m always drawn to. The sax adds just the right amount of jazziness.

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