Sunday Brunch: Jan. 26, 2014


The John Lurie National Orchestra: “Flutter” (from The Invention of Animals, 2014)
John Lurie is an actor, musician and now painter (he can no longer act or play music because of late stage Lyme Disease). You may know him from a group of 1980’s Jim Jarmusch movies he appeared in. This new album is a collection of early 1990’s recordings seeing light for the first time.
Tribal jungle beat with urban saxophone . The rooftops and alleys, the treetops and rivers.

elbow: “Fly Boy Blue / Lunette” (from The Take Off and Landing of Everything, 2014)
I love when that raw electric guitar comes in early in the first of this two song set. A preview from an upcoming album and if this is any indication, it’s gonna be a big one. I’m most impressed by just how in sync with each other these guys are – a band with a capital ‘B’.

Lanterns on the Lake: “Another Tale From Another English Town” (from Until the Colours Run, 2013)
Maybe it’s because a friend mentioned The Dream Academy’s 1980’s hit “Life in a Northern Town” recently, or maybe its just the title, but this song reminds me of that song. Even though they don’t really sound that much alike. Must be the title. Eh, it doesn’t really matter – what matters is that this is an enveloping slice of dream pop. Fuzzy layered guitars…and a nice, depressing video to end this Sunday’s brunch.

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