Sunday Brunch: Feb. 9, 2014


The Autumn Defense – “Why Don’t We Wait” (from Fifth, 2014)
It’s interesting how bands choose singles from their albums.  Often, I would choose different songs.  The Autumn Defense has been promoting “None of This Will Matter” and “This Thing That I Found” from their new release.  Both great songs from an album that the allmusic guide has just called “one of the smartest and best-crafted pop albums of recent memory.”  Yet, I think this cool and breezy bossa nova and brass song, plus the Big Star-esque “Things On My Mind” are the standout tracks. Next time they should consult me (ha ha).
Stream entire album

Lee Ranaldo & The Dust – “Rock and Roll” (cover of Lou Reed song, Live at KEXP, Dec. 2013)
Ranaldo’s “Last Night On Earth” album was one of my favorites of last year. This 4 song appearance on Seattle’s KEXP a few months ago was recently uploaded to YouTube. They do three songs from the album, plus this scorching cover of Lou Reed’s “Rock and Roll”.
Stream entire KEXP show (about 45 minutes)

Beck- “Waking Light” (from Morning Phase, 2014)
I’ve never been a huge Beck fan, but the things I’ve been hearing recently from him are soundin’ good! This is from his not-yet-released next album, which is reportedly going to be very 1970’s influenced.  Seems a little late to jump on the retro 70’s bandwagon, but we’ll see.

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