Similar Ingredients [#8] – The Doors / The James Gang


=”My Wild Love” (by The Doors) 1968 =

=”I’d Rather Be Alone With You” (by The James Gang) 1973=

These two songs share a similar frame – a similar “bone structure”, as it were.   The melody sounds sort of timeless, like it could be based on an old folk song.   The James Gang take the framework and give it a soul injection, while The Doors’ “My Wild Love” takes the form of some dark incantation.

The two songs differ in subject matter – “Id Rather Be Alone With You” is pretty straightforward, while nobody seems to know what Jim Morrison is ranting about on “My Wild Love”, from what I can find on the Internet.  It’s like an old legend gone awry into mumbo-jumbo land:

“She rode on to Christmas / She rode to the farm / She rode to Japan / And we entered a town / By this time the weather / Had changed one degree / She asked for the people / To let her go free”

Uh-huh. I like a lot Jim Morrison’s lyrics/poetry, but sometimes he wrote stuff that was either too self-consciously arty, or just plain silly (like the above). Just my opinion, of course. Your mileage may vary.

[Sidenote: The James Gang song comes from Bang, the first album they recorded after Joe Walsh had left the band.  Brilliant guitarist Tommy Bolin took over and the resulting album (along with the follow-up, Miami) is quite excellent.  Be sure and listen to “From Another Time” – the track that “Rather Be Alone With You” segues into.]

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