Glide / Towards a Spinning Sun


spinning sun

A while back I was thinking of some of the songs I like to play loud. You know – the music that just sounds better at a high volume. Everybody’s got their favorites, and it’s the kind of list that just seems to get bigger and bigger the more you think of it (or the more you start writing them down, as I tend to do when it comes to organizing such things in my brain…I do love my lists…).  Anyway, it struck me how many of these songs would sound really good together.  They sort of subdivided themselves- with a little substituting, deleting and nudging here and there – into two distinct groupings.
“Meant to be played loud!”, as they say. ‘Glide’ is a little more rootsy, while ‘Towards a Spinning Sun’ is a little more psychedelic.
Both now available via the Music To Eat Mixcloud Page. (Tracklistings there too.)

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