Peter Sarstedt’s “Many Coloured, Semi Precious Plastic Easter Eggs”

sarstedtApart from a variety of overtly religious songs and some children’s tunes, there aren’t really any Easter songs. I take that back – there is one, sort of. It’s called “Many Coloured, Semi Precious Plastic Easter Eggs” and it’s a slice of the far-out side of the 1960’s. Alas, it was overshadowed by another song on singer/songwriter Peter Sarstedt’s debut album called “Where Do You Go To My Lovely” – a big single in Europe and the only song Sarstedt is remembered for, if he’s remembered at all.

“…Easter Eggs” is cut from the same cloth as “Where Do You Go To…”: irreverent pop songcraft, delivered with a wink and oh-so-groovy, self-conscious faux-hippie attitude. In their favor, both songs are more sardonic than your average bubblegum, soft-psych pop of the time. Above all, it’s good old hipster fun, even if it is dated.

In “…Easter Eggs”, Sarstedt has loaned his semi-precious Easter egg, along with a litany of other odd objects such as his “early English, Russian-influenced porcelain caviar spoon” to someone and would now like them back, thank you very much. Perhaps they were loaned to a paramour and now they’ve broken up – we don’t really know. All we know is he wants them back as they “rule my life somehow.”

Sarstedt followed up with minor hits “Frozen Orange Juice” and “Take Off Your Clothes”…which are as you’d imagine from their titles. He had two brothers active in the music world also, including early 60’s pop idol Eden Kane (a pop idol name if there ever was one) and is still recording, in his seventies now.

I wonder if he ever got that plastic egg back?


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