3 More Fleetwood Mac Songs Not By Fleetwood Mac

fleetwoodmacA few days ago Rolling Stone published a list of “The 16 Best Fleetwood Mac Songs (Not By Fleetwood Mac)”.  Here’s three more that come to mind:

“Ravenous”, by Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers
A darker, moodier side of one of the best country rock bands around these days. Evocations of Stevie Nicks’ Mac songs like “Sisters of the Moon” and “Rhiannon”. That steady beat, even a Lindsey Buckingham-esque guitar solo…much more of a linear narrative than your average Nicks song though.

“Beverly Terrace”, by Sloan
Another track that brings to mind “Sisters of Moon” and other Nicks Mac songs in the melody and rhythm. Brighter than that song of course, but the Mac connection is there.

“Echoes”, by The Wilderness of Manitoba
This one harkens to FW Mac’s poppier 80’s and 90’s work, with that driving, solid beat again, a la Mick Fleetwood. A Lindsey Buckingham-style vocal carries the song (albeit a more mellow Buckingham), and you can easily imagine Nicks and McVie providing the backing vocals.

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  1. Brian Zinger says:

    Big Wreck-Ghosts

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