Recent (W)riting Roundup


Some recent music writing I’ve done, published in various places:

Steve Tibbetts: “Northern Song” and the Sounds of Silence
An article and interview I wrote for All About Jazz about one of my favorite albums. An album, I was to learn, that was not without it’s difficulties and darkness!

Steve Robinson & Ed Woltil: “Cycle” (review)
Two Tampa Bay-area musicians who I’ve been following (musically speaking, that is) for a few decades now. This album is their first together and is dyn-o-mite.

Great Lake Swimmers: “A Forest of Arms” (review)
Big sound, big lake.

Monoswezi: “Monoswezi Yanga” (review)
Afro-Scandanavian jazz- mellow smooth…

James Blackshaw: “Summoning Suns” (review)
First album with vocals from the brilliant guitarist.

Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan: Duets (review)
I remember seeing Jordan at a free show at the University of Florida in the mid 80’s. 30 or so years later, he’s still recording great music, this time with fellow six string slinger Eubanks.



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