Fill Your Head: New Music Playlist – July

Put on your listening hats!

Music is such an endless well – there’s so much great stuff out there to be discovered, both new and old. Here’s some new music I’ve been been getting into lately. You might like all of it, you might like none of it, but even if you just like some of it then I’m happy I’ve been a link in the sharing.  From the atmospheric dreaminess of Black Eagle Child to the down-home  cookin’ of Phil Cook and James McMurtry, to the lush dance psychedelia (does such a genre exist?) of Tame Impala and the roots-rock psych of Promised Land Sound, to the six string mastery of James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg and to the tropical Grateful Dead vibe of Gospelbeach and the way-out cool of Karin Krog. Let’s start things off with the cosmic folk chamber-pop of Julia Holter:

Julia Holter: Feel You
This song is such a strange construction, but it’s beautiful in it’s strangeness. I love how the lead vocals follow the stuttering beat instead of the melody for parts and then the tension breaks with the swooping chorus. The video, however, is either an example of lazy, uninspired film making or is operating on some profound level I’m missing…I think I’m going with the former explanation….

Karin Krog: We Could Be Flying
From the new retrospective, “Don’t Just Sing: A Karin Krog Anthology 1963-1999“. The Scandinavian singer’s prodigious output is surveyed in 16 songs that usually find anchor in jazz, but are boundless in their influences and reach. Some amazing stuff here.

Tame Impala: Let it Happen
Woozy, synthy, enveloping. I always like a band that tries new things, and even though to my ears this isn’t as huge a jump musically from their last album as people are saying it is, there’s definitely some new ground covered.

Phil Cook: Great Tide
Yeah, this music just feels good. Cook moved down to North Carolina from Wisconsin because of his love for southern music and it all shines through here.

Gospelbeach: Sunshine Skyway
One of my old hometowns, Tarpon Springs, along with the epic and big Sunshine Skyway bridge over Tampa Bay are name-checked in this 70’s-style country rock cruiser. And one of my favorite artists, Neal Casal, is part of the band.

James McMurtry: Forgotten Coast
Continuing the laid-back Florida ramble, Wewahitchca to Port St. Joe. The “redneck riviera”, they call it. Taste the swamp heat, smell the salt-air, hear the Gulf Stream wind in the Slash Pines.

Promised Land Sound: She Takes Me There
Bittersweet love lost tale, steeped in the late 60s-style canyon rock of the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield.

Black Eagle Child: It Is Still Sunny Out
A long one. Field recordings mixed with hypnotic guitar figures which all intertwine in a mellow mood.

James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg: “Up of Stairs”
“Up of Stairs”? What does that mean? I don’t know. I’m not worrying about it, though. Sometimes music just sounds a certain way. Like an up of stairs kinda sound.

Still exploring the new Wilco, too, available for free for a limited time from their website.

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  1. dave says:

    Music and personalities! How many musicians have written how many songs, and how many listeners interpret the meaning, and feel the expression from the music?

  2. Rob says:

    Hmmm…is this a trick question? Is the answer 73? (Ha ha)

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