The Shadow of Your Coffee

coffeecover_webThe late afternoon sunlight slanted through the dirty windowpane into the dim cafe. Specks of dust,  like slow drugged gnats, drifted lazily in the illumined air. Your coffee, which had grown cold, cast a shadow across the scratched oak tabletop, across the fork, the knife, the crumbs of your last donut.  You were gone, and the shadow of your coffee darkened the days, the weeks, the months that had passed since the sacred jewel had fallen into my possession. The shadow of your coffee stretched over mountains, oceans, cities…and over a trail of a thousand donuts leading backwards, ever backwards.  One step ahead of Dr. Fiendish and his henchmen.  A donkey brayed in the dirt street outside, kicking up yet more dust in this ancient, seaside town. From across the tiled rooftops, a seagull coughed. I ordered another espresso….

[Excerpt from the ongoing adventure, begun in Quest for the Eye of the Orangutan]

The Shadow of Your Coffee: A new mix at Mixcloud.

Track list:

  1. Espresso Logic (Chris Rea)
  2. La Temps de Lamour (Francois Hardy)
  3. Song About a Rose (Pearls Before Swine)
  4. San Tropez (Pink Floyd)
  5. Deja Vu (Bruce Cockburn)
  6. Rouler Sa Bosse (Bruce Cockburn)
  7. Junk (Paul McCartney)
  8. Snow Shadows (Vince Martin)
  9. Bandit Bossa Nova (Paul MacNeil)
  10. Ghosts (Jesse Winchester)
  11. Where Did You Go (Keren Ann)
  12. Back to Marseilles (John Martyn)
  13. Hypnotized (Bob Welch)
  14. Bohemia (Mae Moore)
  15. City Bells (The Autumn Defense)
  16. In Places on the Run (The Dream Academy)
  17. The Shadow of Your Smile (Astrud Gilberto)
  18. French Bossa (Pierre Brualt & Genevieve Brujold)

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