Sabrina Malheiros’ Sun-Splashed “Clareia”

Quiet nights of quiet stars, girls from Ipanema on their way to the beach, botanical reveries in a thousand shades of green in a leafy cosmopolitan city surrounded by steamy jungle, languid afternoons on street café patios with a cold drink, sun-splashed sea spray on a cliff road lined with palms and guavas…

That’s how I (and probably many North Americans) picture Brazil.  Sure, it’s very romanticized. But the sensual, easy going rhythms and melodies of the country’s music are a big reason for that.  Clareia, the new album from Rio de Janeiro’s Sabrina Malheiros, furthers those images and associations. “Heightens” might even be a better word than “furthers” as her music – a modern, jazzy, soulful, upbeat and smooth bossa nova & samba inspired fusion – is steeped in all those things.  The Brazil tourism board would be wise to latch on to her music, as they could sell a million vacations to people in colder climes with her songs.

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