Robbie Basho Articles Redux – Mood is Colored Air and The Elephant in the Room

A few years ago I wrote two articles on eccentric and talented guitarist (and sometime singer), the influential and somewhat legendary Robbie Basho, for a box set being put together by Grass-Tops Recording.  The box set, for various reasons, never happened and unfortunately, Grass-Tops is no longer around any more either.  The two articles were available for a while on the website, but that site is apparently no longer in existence either.

So, in the interest of preservation, here’s PDF’s of  “Mood is Colored Air“, which talks about Basho’s apparent synesthesia and “The Elephant in the Room: The Singing of Robbie Basho“, which examines his unique voice and singing style.

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  1. On WXPN two days ago I heard a track by Basho. It was the first time I’d heard anything by him on the radio in mucho years.
    Take care —
    Neil S.

  2. Rob says:

    Wow, I’m surprised he was played on the radio at all! Cool.

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