Andy Summers & Pat Metheny Meeting – 1982


A little something, a preview of sorts, for an upcoming Andy Summers solo album guide I’m putting together for the blog…

Pat Metheny and Andy Summers are probably my two favorite guitarists, and I was surprised and pleased when I stumbled on this photo the other day:

A little research turned up an interview from Guitar Player magazine where Metheny comments on Summers and, presumably, references the day of the photo (which was taken in 1982).

Pat Metheny:
“The Police were just starting in 1977 when we ran into them in a hotel. Andy Summers came up to me and said, ‘You’re Pat Metheny. We play the tunes from Bright Size Life in soundcheck. When we were driving across country we saw the Lee Summit’s exit (Metheny’s Missouri hometown) and we’d pulled over to look at it.’ That was really cool. They were band number 45 from England at that point, then about two months later they were the biggest thing in the universe. I ran into Andy somewhere and we spent the afternoon playing together. Then I got to go backstage when they played Shea Stadium. They came in a helicopter. It was just like The Beatles. A few months ago this guy was talking about how they played Bright Size Life and now he’s coming down in a helicopter!”

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