Song of the Day #10 – “Purple Rivers” by The Swimming Pool Q’s

“Purple Rivers” – from The Swimming Pool Q’s by The Swimming Pool Q’s (1984)

From the same fertile early 1980s Georgia scene as R.E.M., the B-52’s, Pylon, etc., The Swimming Pool Q’s were Atlanta based, though leader Jeff Calder started the band in the late 70s while living in north Florida.  After a very quirky debut album they moved Anne Richmond Boston to shared lead vocals and streamlined their sound and tightened things up for this, their major label debut.  Despite a bunch of great songs like “Purple Rivers” and “The Bells Ring,” they didn’t find their mark on the charts and drifted back into indie label semi-obscurity.

In fact, this whole genre- “college rock” or “jangle pop”, or whatever you want to call it, is  somewhat forgotten these days.  But, I like to return to these bands, these songs, this time – seems centuries ago now.  The world was young, the continents had recently drifted apart and become separate land masses, and dinosaurs had not long disappeared from the planet. Ah yes, it was a different time.
(I did a longer write-up on the Q’s in one of my first blog posts.)

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