Song of the Day #11 – “Sing, For Song Drives Away the Wolves” by Popol Vuh

“Sing, For Song Drives Away the Wolves” – from Sing, For Song Drives Away the Wolves by Popol Vuh (1993)

Can and early Tangerine Dream are perhaps the most well-known purveyors of the (let’s face it) somewhat derogatory term “krautrock”, but Popol Vuh is the band from that genre that’s always captured my imagination the most.  Band leader Florian Fricke explored many different world religions and spiritualities and they’re reflected in his work, whether through brooding soundscapes (often as the soundtrack to Werner Herzog films) or triumphant joyful sun-through-the-clouds pieces like this one.  Listening to it now, I’m reminded of Peter Gabriel’s soundtrack for Passion, especially tracks like “It Is Accomplished“.

From the CD insert, words by Florian Fricke: “Where you see the lights what is there? / Love, tears, misery, laughing and singing: man! / When he sings, he follows the path of his heart. / When he sings he drives away the wolves. / The wolf is a shadow of man. He howls in the morning and in the evening. / We humans have the ability to sing. / This strikes the wolf as an encounter with the supernatural. So he retreats./ Will he ever become a friend?”

(You can also find “Sing, for Song Drives Away the Wolves” as a bonus on the CD reissue of Popol Vuh’s 1978 Bruder des Schattens – Sohn des Lichts.)

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