Music Emergency Archival – April, 2011


Nine years ago I had a blog called Music Emergency, which consisted of once-per-month posted mixes. Sometimes centered loosely around a theme and sometimes not.  I stumbled on a few saved ones recently and thought I’d re-upload the April one, which came out pretty good (if I do say so in a not-so-humble way!) Below is my original description of the episode, titled “pslightly psychedelic pspring”…

You can listen to the show here on Mixcloud.

In my last year of high school, I found myself in a memorable English class.  Mr. Cline, the teacher, had an enthusiasm for literature that was infectious and he could be quite funny as well.  I remember him starting a class off once with the statement “Swans are a joke” and then spending the majority of the class supporting his argument that the use of swans in art and literature was ridiculous because they were really awkward and ugly.  We also spent a good week or two studying T.S. Eliot’s epic poem “The Waste Land”.  It’s a poem with many layers of allegory and allusion, and we probably could have spent a month on it and still not uncovered everything in it.  The first line of the poem is “April is the cruellest month”. I’m still not quite sure what that means, but it was a good catchphrase my friend Al and I would quote occasionally.
We start this episode with an excerpt of the – let’s face it, somewhat creepy sounding – T.S. Eliot himself reading “The Waste Land”.  For the next few songs, we continue in a slightly psychedelic, dreamy way as we wake from the long winter into the “soft flames of Spring” [Laura Nyro].  We then step outside with Suzi Katz and take a walk with the Blackbyrds (and even walk a cow with the Reivers…), among other Spring explorations.

“The sun and the clouds;
they took us there,
it was long ago.
The land lay still as before singing,
we were her children.”
(partial translation from this episode’s last song “Marken Lag Stilla”, by the Swedish band Dungen. Dungen is pronounced “Doon-yen”, which means “the grove” in Swedish.)


  • [Music Emergency intro]
  • Excerpt from “The Waste Land”, by T.S. Eliot, 1944(?))
  • Images of April (from “Balaklava”, by Pearls Before Swine)
  • Lord of the Reedy River (b-side of “Sat in Your Lap” single, by Kate Bush; song originally by Donovan)
  • Willow’s Song (instrumental version) (bonus download-only track from “The Wicker Man” soundtrack, by Magnet)
  • Upstairs By a Chinese Lamp (from “Christmas and the Beads of Sweat”, by Laura Nyro)
  • Spring Came, Rain Fell (from “Spring Came, Rain Fell”, by Club 8 )
  • April Wind / April Joy (from self titled 1978 album, by The Pat Metheny Group)
  • Colors of the Land (from self-titled 1993 album, by Suzi Katz – featuring Steve Tibbetts on guitar and Marc Anderson on percussion)
  • “Everything is rhythm…” (unknown source)
  • Walking in Rhythm (from “Flying Start”, by The Blackbyrds)
  • Medley: Walkin’ the Dog/Something’s Got a Hold On Me/Big Boy Pete (from “Slice of the Cake, by The Cake)
  • Walking the Cow (from “Translate Slowly”, by The Reivers (or, Zeitgeist, as they were known when the album was originally released)
  • Long Away (from “A Day at the Races”, by Queen)

“Elasticity of the Song” Feature:

  • A New Season (original 1988 version, from “Starfish”, by The Church)
  • A New Season (2004 version, from “El Momento Descuidado”, by The Church)
  • Return of Spring (from “Silent Dance”, by Solstice)
  • Istwan (from “II”, by Kingston Wall)
  • Marken Lag Stilla (from “Skit I Allt”, by Dungen)
  • Chocolate bar song (from Mondo Eclectica radio show – mid 1990′s, by Clay Pigeon)
  • [Music Emergency closing]

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