Song of the Day #14 – “Rambler Gambler”by Linda Ronstadt


“Rambler Gambler” – b-side of “How Do I Make You” single by Linda Ronstadt (1980)

One of the rarest Ronstadt tracks, this has never appeared on CD (apart from a compilation of women country artists), not even on her box set from years ago. I heard it for the first time while watching the recent The Sound of My Voice Ronstadt documentary – it’s playing in the background in an early scene and it immediately caught my ear. A little sleuthing reveals that it’s a traditional folk song, covered by Dylan, Baez, etc.  Despite it’s aged pedigree, it feels tailor-made for 1970s country rock. My only complaint about this version is that it seems abbreviated, barely making it past the 2:00 minute mark before it fades out…

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  1. booksnob22 says:

    Wow, great detective work, hearing this song in the background of her doc! I agree if feels cut short, I noticed it was only 2 minutes when starting the video. And the guy who made this video sure does have an amazing collection.

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