Song of the Day #17 – “Heartbreak Hotel” by Suzi Quatro


“Heartbreak Hotel” – from Aggro-Phobia by Suzi Quatro (1977)

I read Suzi Quatro’s autobiography a few weeks ago, which was entertaining, -I recommend it. She’s somebody I’ve been curious about since I was a kid watching her play the role of “Leather Tuscadero” on the old sitcom Happy Days.  Most North Americans know her primarily from that as, even though she was from Detroit, she found most of her musical success in the U.K. and Australia.
Devil Gate Drive” is my favorite song by her (check out the linked video clip), but her cover of Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” is pretty groovy too. Elvis was a huge influence on Quatro’s music and style, so it’s a natural cover choice for her. Her version is heavier with raunchy guitar and synth and has oh-so-1970s-sounding creamy smooth harmony vocals. The track comes from her 1977 Aggro-Phobia album….”Aggro” being UK slang for aggressive or violent behavior. Not to be confused with Agoraphobia, the fear of being in an environment or situation you can’t escape from. Or Angoraphobia, which is most likely the fear of Angora sweaters….


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  1. booksnob22 says:

    I remember her on Happy Days as Leather! I knew she went on to make music but have never really listened to her. This cover was very interesting.

  2. Rob says:

    She’d been a professional musician for a long time before Happy Days, actually.

    Her music was a bit variable, but she covered a lot of ground – from more of a hard rock style which was a huge influence on Joan Jett, etc. to very soft-pop kinds of things like “Stumblin’ In” – (very dated now!)

    Her 1960s group The Pleasure Seekers, with her sisters, was pretty cool! –

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