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Josh Rouse’s “Under Cold Blue Stars” Revisited

Up on No Depression today is an article I wrote about one of my favorite albums: Josh Rouse’s 2002 release Under Cold Blue Stars. (Rouse has a new album coming … Continue reading

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What Color Is Love?

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day the store displays and decorations enticing us to buy things are predominantly the color red, with some pink thrown in for good … Continue reading

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The Year in Music (So Far)

The year is still early, but it’s shaping up to be another good one musically.  It’s been more folky, acoustic sounds I’ve been leaning towards lately, including: Imaginational Anthem Vol. … Continue reading

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“The Beatles Lyrics”, by Hunter Davies

There are reportedly over 2,000 books about the Beatles. I’ve read probably between five and ten of them. Not a whole lot by some standards, but – along with the … Continue reading

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3 More Fleetwood Mac Songs Not By Fleetwood Mac

A few days ago Rolling Stone published a list of “The 16 Best Fleetwood Mac Songs (Not By Fleetwood Mac)”.  Here’s three more that come to mind: “Ravenous”, by Nicki … Continue reading

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Yes Is The Answer (And Other Prog Rock Tales)

[A short, unpublished piece I wrote a year or so ago about the book Yes is the Answer (And Other Prog Rock Tales), edited by March Weingarten and Tyson Cornell … Continue reading

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Similar Ingredients [#9] – The Rolling Stones / The Black Crowes

(It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “Similar Ingredients” post, but I’ve been listening to “Appaloosa” lately and couldn’t place what song it reminded me of, until I … Continue reading

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