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Freedy Johnston’s “Neon Repairman”

On the surface, it’s a simple song – mainly voice and acoustic guitar, straight-forward lyrics. But Freedy Johnston’s “Neon Repairman” has more going on than first meets the ear. The … Continue reading

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Bernard Sumner’s (Joy Divison) “Chapter and Verse”

Somehow I missed Joy Division when they were current (I was pretty young at the time). New Order, which evolved from Joy Division after lead singer Ian Curtis’ suicide, didn’t … Continue reading

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Paul Kantner and “The Light”

Another veteran musician shuffles off this mortal coil, off to “hijack a starship” into the great unknown. Paul Kantner was always one of the most adventurous and forward thinking of … Continue reading

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Michael Chapman (who’s not fond of mornings) and “Northern Lights”

Michael Chapman celebrated his 75th birthday the other day. You might be saying “who?”, and, if so, you wouldn’t be alone. I asked about his music in a used record … Continue reading

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Reflections on Frey, Bowie, and “Take It Easy”

With David Bowie and Glenn Frey both dying unexpectedly this week, social media and the news have been abuzz. And rightly so. Both, Bowie especially, made huge contributions to popular … Continue reading

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To Watch in 2016

I wrote a couple of short pieces on two of my favorite new (or at least, newish) artists as part of PopMatters’ “The Best Musical Hopes to Break Out in … Continue reading

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2015 Album Covers

Step right up, get yer 2,015 album covers right here at Music to Eat!  Well, we don’t really have that many covers, but let’s look back at a selection of … Continue reading

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