Taking a Bite Out of 2012: Looking Back on the Year

As with last year’s favorite songs of 2011, we take a look back on some of the new music released during the year.

This time around, there are two mixes to stack on your plate,  both with quite different flavors.

Listen on Mixcloud to Part 1 and Part 2.

Part One:
1. Garden of Your Mind (Mr. Rogers PBS Remix)
2. Summer of Love (Alien Skin, featuring Steve Kilbey)
3. Der Microarc (Violens)
4. Sariza Spring (Violens)
5. Sweetness in Her Spark (Lightships)
6. Shadow (Wild Nothing)
7. Maybe You (Saint Lou Lou)
8. (I Love the Way) You Bring Me Down (Chris Lee)
9. Off the Wall (Lee Ranaldo)
10. Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles – Leftside Wobble Remix)
11. Play (Iamamiwhoami)
12. Girl and Robot with Flowers (Part 1) (Greg Foat Group)
13. The Chamber of 32 Doors (Steve Hackett)
14. Don’t Go Back Again (Chris Lee)

Part Two:
1. Harmony Springs (Snowgoose)
2. The Gyrls of Wynter (Neal Casal)
3. No Song to Sing (Meg Baird – cover of Michael Chapman song)
4. Echoes (The Wilderness of Manitoba)
5. From the Morning (Beautify Junkyards – cover of Nick Drake song)
6. White Fanged Foreverness (Mariee Sioux)
7. Black Harvest (Cow)
8. Mississippi Country Girl (Cary Hudson)
9. Travel On (Neil Young – cover of traditional song)
10. Sweeten the Distance (Neal Casal)
11. Harbour Boys (Joel Plaskett)
12. Rain (Micael Occhipinti & Denzal Sinclair – cover of Beatles song)
13. On Mars (Suzy Callahan)

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